Jan 4, 2010

HAM Radio Demo/Presentation at Multi Club Rotary Meeting in Chennai

Thanks to the efforts taken by OM Devdas VU2DH who apart from being a veteran HAM is an active Rotarian President also now , a wonderful platform was organised for rotarians in Chennai to be sensitised/gain knowledge about HAM Radio and its benefits to the world . A JOINT MEETING OF 5 CLUBS WAS CONDUCTED AT HOTEL BENZ PARK,CHENNAI ON 19.NOV 09 WHEREIN A DETAILED DEMO / PRESENTATION ABOUT HAM RADIO WAS GIVEN by veteran OM Thiagarajan (VU2PTR) to 50+ rotarians from various walks of life.

Rotary Clubs which participated are listed as below.


After the official rotary style fellowship, the meeting was called to order at 1930 hrs with the above 5 presidents and the Chief guest/Speaker Mr. P. Thyagarajan(VU2PTR) – CEO , Accuspeed Engineering Design Services Ltd. President Nandagopal delivered his welcome speech followed by the club announcements by Pres. Sandeep and introduction of the chief guest by Pres. Devadas(VU2DH).

To the amazement of audience few HAMS including VU2DH, VU2PTR, VU3MOA etc setup a full fledged base radio station in 10 minutes (known as a shack in the HAM World) in front of the dais, for the audience it looked like a police control room with number of Radio tranceivers and handheld/walky talkies which were modulating on and off with their typical hiss.

VU2PTR Mr. Thyagarajan made a wonderful/informative/interactive presentation explaining details like the Origin of the word HAM (Hertz, Armstrong & Marconi) – Also known as AMATEUR RADIO, Origin of this hobby, which is in existence in over 320 countries , countrywise ham population, different HAM frequencies/bands, usefullness of HAM in calamities, its failsafe nature etc.

It was a explained in detail about HAM or Amateur Radio communication as a wonderful and unique hobby/media to make talk on social matters and make friendship all over the world. Mr. Thyagarajan explained about CW transmission and its abbreviated words, syllabus for examination, procedure for getting license, rules and regulations, licensing fees etc. During natural calamities like Cyclon, Earth quake, Tzunami, the first thing to be affected is entire telecommunication network including lanlines, cellular etc . It was re-iterated that at this stage HAMs are the only one who can emerge into situation without waiting for any permission from any authorities, voluntarily reaching the spot and erecting a fullfledged radio station within few minutes and can start transmitting all over the world.

To quote an example of operations , during the last Indian tsunami 8 such radio stations were set up along South Tamil nadu Coast which was badly affected , who receive all and any rescue msgs received from Government officials , police, Military and pass it on to District Collectors and other government agencies for providing necessary relief materials and measures instantly whereas without this radio communication it would have taken days to setup such a link . Apart from this, many HAMs (Amateur Radio Stations) were assisting from their respective homes in communications during relief operations. This was extended during the heavy cyclonic storm in 1996 also in Chennai, Earth quack in Lathore etc…

It was also explained that the hams also can track & trace unauthorized transmission used by any anti social elements etc , with the help of Radio Frequency Direction Finder (RFDF) which is practiced in a pet name of FOX HUNT. Rtn. K.M. Devadas(VU2DH) has a record of 4 times 1st place winner in different states like TN, KARNATAKA, KERALA for this game in tracing the FOX in record time, apart from many other positions in this game.

A book about ABC of Amateur Radio (HAM) was distributed by Rtn. K.M. Devadas(VU2DH) R/c Annanagar Aadithya to all the Rotarians who attended the meeting. We hope more such meeting about HAM Radio get organised across Chennai in various forums.

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