Apr 30, 2010

1st May 2010 : Chennai VHF Repeater 145.775 Mhz(-600) VU2MRR celebrates 22nd Birthday

On this day 1st May 1989 Chennai's oldest and veteran HAM VHF repeater VU2MRR was given life . A team of 10 members formed The Madras radio repeater Club to buy and installed a VHF repeater in Chennai . Several Good hearted people/HAM radio enthusiasts donated generously for the fund.
With great difficulty the equipment was cleared from the customs and readied for installation . For its untiring service over the last two decades we salute VU2MRR for the contribution and it’s a tribute to all those great HAM’s/Radio lovers who brought this dream alive.

The Madras Repeater Club Team consisting some of the veteran HAM's to date

Chennai repeater Story in the words of VU2MRR – 145.775(-600Mhz)
I was installed on May 1st 1989 at Kesari Kutti ram Building in Royapetttah .The Inaguration was done by the then City police commissioner . My call sign/name given by HAM’s/WPC was VU2 MRR. My RF power capacity is 10 W . I am consisting of basically three parts , the Yaeus FTR2410A Repeater, Wacom WP-639 Band pass-Band reject filter and Diamond F-23 Antenna.
Royapettah building where I was first installed
From all parts of chennai I am accessible 24/7 for any type of HAM VHF traffic . After 14 months to increase my coverage area I was shifted to The Residency Tower Hotel at T Nagar . From that time till today I am working round the clock serving Chennai regions HAM community.

My new residence at Residency Towers hotel from where I have a better line of sight.

I had two major technical surgeries and few minor replacements in the past . My final amplifier was replaced twice. Stations from various parts South India including Tamil Nadu, Kakinada, Vijayawada, Bangalore, calcutta and Srilanka have accessed me and through me reached out to local hams in Chennai . To my knowledge I am the only VHF repeater in India serving for a long time with minor problems, offcourse lot of credit to those HAM’s go have birth to me and continue to take care of me.

That's me growing old but still going strong "VU2MRR"
On my 21st Birth day I thank all users and my well wishers for keeping me in good health. Even though I am healthy a few adjustments, small alignments , repairs are required in due course to ensure I can keep boosting the voice of all Chennai HAMS for decades to come.
To serve you better in a long way kindly trigger me more often with voice signal and look forward to listening to all.

Bye Bye
VU2MRR - 145.775 Mhz (-600)


  1. Good show, long live MRR, let us thank all hams behind the upkeep and running of this repeater in chennai.



  2. thanks for your effort you are really great

  3. Nice to see the article. Congragulation for the maintanance team.
    vu2 MSR

  4. Godd Job ...
    Thanks to entire team.. well done


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