Dec 1, 2010

A HAM who's been a Net Controller for 25 Years : VU2DPN felicitated during HAMFEST 2010

The Madras VHF group started a small round table net on 145.500 Mhz from 20.30 hrs during 1985 . 5 to 8 VHF stations joined and used to discuss about various technical subjects related to VHF Radio. This was the period when the chennai VHF activity had just started like a new baby's birth. In the mid 80's madras VHF hambirds were flying only with 1/4 wave antennas which covers only 5 to 10 km radius, slowly the antenna set up improved the VHF activity also became popular . That was the time the a formal net was lauched with set timings,frequency and so on.
Slowly the net check-ins increased from 25 to somtimes 75 callers checking-in . An average of 25 check ins per day used to be there both for the morning and night nets . When the Federation of amateur radio conducted the AGM in chennai the check in crossed 100 callers . After getting the repeater the activity sky rocketed and checkins also crossed average of 50 callers. During the August net checkins 125 callers came on air in an hour.

From the day one of starting the informal Chennai VHF Group/round table in the mid 1980's till today , HAM's in Chennai and outside who check-in to the morning 7:00 am VHF 145.775 Mhz net in Chennai are familiar with this lovely call from a passionate net controller "This is the good morning net conducted by MADRASVHF GROUP, inviting callers to the morning Channels , VU2DPN listening" .
This voice has been rendering service to HAM Radio as the Chennai Net controller for the past 25 years with his unmatched dedication , passion and committment to this unique hobby . The chennai hams wanted to honour him at HAMFEST 2010 held at Pollachi and presented him with a special award . Om Charuhassan VU2 SCU present a memento to him.
Thanks for the efforts taken by VU3 MOA OM mohan in organising this and all wish to keep hearing VU2DPN as net controller for many more decades to come.