Feb 20, 2012

2012 Mahabs eyeball Meet at Chennai a Grand success!!!!

In the words of Mr.Devdas VU2DH .

There were 62 of us assembled @ hotel mahabs @ 10 am. The meeting was formally called to order with welcome speech & MC by VU2DH - with homage to VU2PCP, VU2VWN (VASANTH)
All the hams were self introduced in short, followed by technical speech by VU2.... OM HARI, VU2ZMM - MANOJ, VU2DEV DEV. VU2DEV dev auctioned an SDR which was sold for INR 1300 and he donated totally INR 4050 to the even which was sufficient to take care of the total cost. Next program was honoring senior hams, guest lecture by VU2DEV, a short speech by VU2PTR thyagu about the departed souls VU2PCP, VU2VWN, and yet another ham (dont remember his call / name), followed by some announcements. The meeting was adjourned for lunch and afternoon session was technical, exibision/sales by VU3MII, vote of thanks and disbursed @ 4pm.

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