Apr 24, 2009

The Hindu features an article on Ham Hobby in Chennai

Catch this on print in The Hindu Metroplus dated 25th April 2009 or Click on the image for an enlarged view.

Chennaihams wishes to thank Prince Frederick (The Hindu) for the good coverage which would give more visibility to the HAM hobby in Chennai to ensure this hobby keeps growing further in this era where other communication modes are expanding fast.

Apr 18, 2009

TImes of India honours all Chennai HAMs with an article on the occasion of World Amateur Radio Day

Catch this on print in Page 6, Times of India (Main Paper/Times City) dated 18th April 2009 or Click on the image for an enlarged view.

Chennaihams wishes to thank Kamini Mathai(TOI) for the good coverage which would give more visibility to this passion in Chennai , thus attracting more people to become HAMmers.

Apr 13, 2009

Chennai HAM Couple featured in THE HINDU - METROPLUS

Chennai HAM couple VU2DRK (Ramakrishnan) & his wife VU2MRK (Manjula) were featured in the mush register section of The Hindu - Metroplus Chennai dated 14th April 2009.

Click this link for full article http://www.hinduonnet.com/mp/2009/04/14/stories/2009041450230500.htm

Wishes from all Chennai HAMS/SWL's to the couple for a wonderful life ahead and offcourse keep hamming to keep your voice on air always.

Apr 12, 2009

Chennai Eyeball Meet : A Memorable Gettogether

After longtime in Chennai all HAM's/SWL's got an opportunity to come together for an eyeball and share lots of things about the wonderful hobby. The response was overwhelming with almost 50+ people making time out of their precious Sunday and coming to venue at TTK road to meet their old buddies as well share their knowledge/experience with budding amateur radio enthusiasts/SWL’s.
A short photo profile of the eyeball is enclosed , full story board with photos would be updated shortly.

Vu2GMN Gopal Madhavan (President - Amateur Radio Society of India) gave the welcome address and elaborated on Amateur radio in general as well as the current bottlenecks the hobby faces in India and how ARSI is working to make things easier for budding HAMS.

Many senior HAM’s/SWL’s as well as budding hobbyists participated in the event and many shared their thoughts about this hobby as well as gave some much needed guidance for new comers.
VU2DPN also informed that the ASOC exam study group has now become 20+ members and hence most probably senior HAM’s are liaising with WPC wireless monitoring station (Perungudi) to conduct a restricted grade exam in Chennai by June’09 end.
All those interested to take up the exam are requested to register at hamexams@gmail.com to start getting the online lessons as well soft copy of study material which would be readily e-mailed to your mail ID .
Special thanks to VU3MOA Mohan for arranging for the venue and hope more and more volunteers come forward to organize such get together’s in Chennai in near future for the benefit of HAM community. Anybody wishing to publish a story/contribute photos like your HAM shack etc pls send across and we would review and publish same.

For full photoprofile of the event pls click on this link PhotoAlbum of Eyeball

Apr 2, 2009

Informal HAM Eyeball at Chennai on 12th April 2009

As a precursor to the world amateur radio day coming up in April month (18thApril) the Chennaihamsblogspot invites all the Chennai HAM's and SWL's to come together for the passion of this wonderful hobby under one roof in chennai for an informal eyeball on April 12th 2009 at 4:30PM onwards . Its long time since Chennai has an interaction like this.

The Address is as follows:
Maharastra Education Fund Hall No.290,
TTK road , Alwarpet , Chennai Opp to Ethiraj Kalyanamandapam.

The eyeball meeting is a casual interaction meet for all SWL's/budding HAMS tomeet around with buddies to discuss on preparation plans to take up ASOL examsand also for all OM's to catch up old friends , have a chat etc.Its also an opportunity to share suggestions/ideas for the improvement of theblogsite as well overall HAM activities in Chennai or any other subject relatedto ham radio.Your presence for this gettogether will be the key to success of the event and astepping stone for organising further HAM activities during 2009 in Chennai.

For any further info/suggestions pls call anyone below.
Deepan /VU2DPN/9840790506
Vipin /SWL/9840873578
Devdas /VU2DH/9841015516
Sathyan /VU3MES/9840988517
Hope we all have a wonderful interactive session during the eyeball.