Oct 15, 2017

A unique rescue / family re-union which HAM's from Chennai/Kolkata facilitated

In this age of information / internet , no one would imagine HAM radio could help unite a lost person found in Kolkata with his family thousands of kms away near Chennai . Keep reading and you will know for yourself. 

This is the story of Dhanasekar ,a tamil boy, about 27yrs old ,slightly deranged, missing from home in Sholingur about 150 kms from Chennai for the last 4 months ,given up for gone by the family.
A few days after the Gangasagar Mela , the annual religious fair in West Bengal, Ambarish Nag Biswas was told by Kolkata’s health officer about a 25-year-old man admitted in a local government hospital , pining to go home.

When we met him, he could hardly speak. He had head injuries,” said Mr. Biswas, secretary of the West Bengal Radio Club (Amateur Club), a group of ham radio enthusiasts.

On 28/3/2017 during the Night Maha meet net , Raju a HAM from West Bengal ,a regular, said that there is a medical traffic , asked to elaborate said he had been to Govt Diamond harbour Hospital in Calcutta and was told a boy has been admitted and nobody can understand his language , however he said Tamilnadu , Raju (VU2JFA) immediately got a recording of the boy and also asked him to write down details and sent it through WhatsApp to my number. 

Could make out a few details and at elephone number was available , tried reaching out but no response , Peter TSF and Clement PQN also pitched in but no avail. The next day Raju again sent some more details on persistent trying reached out to a contact in Padi who was actually the boy’s aunt , she  and her husband who reside in Korattur were very thrilled and in turn gave a tel no. of the boys father in Sholingur, I spoke them and in turn suggested that they go down to Calcutta to get back the boy. Felt they have  a language issue , noticed that there is tamilian Gopinath part of West Bengal Radio society ,he is working with Hindustan motors. 

Spoke to him , Gopitnath assured he will help them out in Calcutta ,Raju promised to co-ordinate and also arranged the doctor at the hospital to speak to their parents . The boys Uncle and cousin left for Calcutta on  2/4/17 , they were received by Raju and his team , in fact Raju has photo document every stage , also co-ordinated with police and also the hospital authorities for successful release of Dhanasekar into the custody of his relatives.

The family arrived back to Chennai on 10/4/17 , they called me up and thanked all for the wonderful help that was rendered. Would like to thank  Biswas , Raju , Gopinath and the entire team of West Bengal radio club for taking their time and putting a great effort in this great humanitarian task.



CHENNAI HAM's provided communications support for this event