Feb 2, 2013

Hill Top contest Experience : A short documentary film from Yelagiri hilltop team

A remarkable effort by this team and something which really shows why this hobby is so special and the adrenaline rush you get when you to a remote reserve forest location , setup communications with very basic infra and then get on air with DX stations . Inspite of all the hardships and difficulties its the commitment  , dedications and love for the hobby I guess drive's all HAM's to do crazy things to have our voice on the air waves.  

Watch and enjoy this wonderfully edited audio visual documentary created by VU2VAU Srini who doles the hat of director , camerman & commentator/script writer for this short documentary , if there is any award for short film on HAM Radio this will be surely a top contender .  

The Yelagiri Hilltop Adventure Team :

Watch & Enjoy : Yelagiri Hilltop Adventure................


  1. nice set up hope to wk with you all in next year
    i try to wk with you but no luck

  2. very good effort. Your enthusiasm and ham spirit I salute. Your achievement is a dream of every ham. Life is so wonderful with ham radio outing like this. Kudos to you all