Feb 20, 2011

A Tribute to "VU2PCP" OM Paneer

That familiar steady voice on Yercaud VHF net daily "VU2 Pappa Charlie Pappa” has become silent key & would'nt be heard anymore . Vu2PCP handle "Paneer" based at Tiruchengode passed away today afternoon 1:30 pm in Coimbatore , 12 days since hospitalization after a stroke . PCP has he was called by all was among the senior most and most active HAM's in South India and used to attend all HAM related meetings in and around India and was instrumental in setting up and maintaining the most effective VHF repeater in South India based at Yercaud. He was the custodian of the Tiruchengode Repeater Club.

PCP got his ticket in 1990’s and has been a HAM for past 20+ years. He was active on HF/VHF and was a very good homebrewer and has contributed many test equipments/antennas to the hobby.

The last HAM meet he attended was the Pollachi HAMFEST. He is survived by his wife and two children. All Chennai south HAMS salute this great HAM and his contributions to the hobby, we are sure he would be remembered always as a nice person we knew and who cherished being a HAM and contributed selflessly towards this passion all of us share.

May his soul rest in peace.
ChennaiHamsBlogspot Team