Nov 28, 2014

For the love of the air waves - A must read for all , meet SWL Dilip Bapat from Alibag

Hello fellow Hams & SWLs

Last week I got a LL from from Alibag, a SWL saying he heard me on 14210 Khz having QSO with OM Jayu VU2JAU from Gwalior. I asked him how come you got my LL? He replied, copied me while sharing with another fellow ham Ananda from Ahmadabad. 

SWL Dilip requested me for a visit to to my shack for an eyeball QSO
Looking at his very positive and enthusiastic approach, I could not say NO to him.

He visited my shack last Saturday along with his elder son and I could see joy and happiness in his eyes during the visit.When demonstrated a QSO, could not resist himself jumping with joy.He brought his Sony & Grudging digital Radios and proudly demonstrated me with whip as well as long wire antenna.He knows most of the popular Ham Band frequencies and monitors 40 & 20 Mtrs regularly.

Alibagh is on the bank of Arabian sea and very close to Mumbai. The noise level is very low
The world famous Magnetic Lab is located very close to his QTH. Worth trying for dxing.

SWL Dilip is retired from State Transport. He was working in Alibag Bus dept for monitoring fuel consumption of the Buses.Unfortunately he became blind due to a kind Myopia which is not curable. His retina is damaged and he is more than 95% blind.He only can make out human movements. He took up short wave listening as a hobby about 5 years back and now expert in monitoring. Hats off to Dilip's passion for short wave listening. 

Dilip is very passionate about becoming Ham. Let us help and guide him for ASOC exam.

I request all the Hams to say Hello to him during your QSOs. He will be more than happy to reciprocate. When ever you are on holidays to Alibagh, pl do visit SWL Dilip. He will be happy to Welcome you. He may be contacted on following address

Mr Dilip N Bapat (M- 9860946895 )
996- "Mayuresh" Behind Sumangal society. Near By-pass Road, Chendhare.
Alibag - Dist Raigad  PIN - 402201

Article Contributed by 

Vilas Rabde (VU2VPR)

(M)+91 98225 02078,  Radio: VU2VPR-145.5 MHz,  Skype: vilasrabde  

HAMFEST INDIA 2014 Panaroma

Radio, most think, is dead and gone. But in reality it has only gotten popular and more active. The Hyderabad Amateur Radio (HAM) recently organised a two-day Amateur Radio festival — Hamfest India, at the Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology in the city and more than 1200 participants took part.

Participants came from various parts of the country, Nepal, Singapore and Sri Lanka. In the fest some of the leading edge radio technologies were showcased and discussions ranged from making relay signals more popular to the issue of not allowing amateurs from parts of Northeast to gain licence. There was talk on small personal satellites, software defined radios, wireless control of homes, community radio, new architectures and emergency works.

Convenor for the fest, Ashhar Farhan says, “The response was overwhelming. While we thought radio was a silent revolution which we are a part of, it turned out to be not too silent. Amateurs are doing a lot of new and interesting work and it was nice to see them all in the same platform sharing and discussing ways to make it useful in times of climate induced emergency.
Hamfest India was hosted by the Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology and the college believes that this event will further its commitment to encouraging students to develop skills in innovation, entrepreneurship and personal science.”

The college hopes that students from the city and outside to use this opportunity to learn and explore the exciting field of wireless. It was very nice and encouraging to see girls taking active part in the event. Besides the talks and discussions an exhibition of latest as well as vintage radio equipments followed by demonstrations kept visitors busy. For others there was a flea-market of electronic components. Ashhar assures that amateur radio provides an alternative way to learn electronics, communications, wireless at very low cost through local radio clubs, contesting, mentoring and informal exchanges over the Internet. “It is a hobby in an innovative field.” 

(An excerpt from "The Hindu" Paper published on  11th November, 2014)