Nov 11, 2010

Wouxun announces VHF/UHF DualBand Base Station

Its good news for all the Wouxun brand radio lovers . Already ChennaiHams Team facilitated two lots of imports of Wouxun dualband handies into India with very good user feedback from Indian HAMS in terms of features vs price & overall value for money.

Finally, Wouxun has announced a new radio in their line-up. It is a dual-band mobile radio. Wouxun have unveiled the KG-UV920R dual band mobile rig. 50/25/5w VHF/40/20/5w UHF RX/TX with AM 500-2000KHz/FM 65-220MHz and LW 150-500 KHz reception.

* Dual Receive (Truly, not dual-watch like the handhelds)
* Crossband
* Dual Frequency display
* 50W
* 999 channels
* Remote head.. Mount radio somewhere else and just put the head on your dash. Looks like Mic plugs directly into the head also. Hope that's a standard feature and includes mounting gear.

Looks like there are going to be multiple versions like the handhelds. 218-260 is listed! So there's a possiblity there of 2m/222.. 136-174/218-260. There's also some weird stuff like the possibility of 2mhz-30mhz AM-only receive. Or 500-2000khz, Or 50-500khz all AM-only. Apparently FM broadcast is available too. So one option there gets you AM & FM radio.

We will need to await and see how they are going to price and how the final version performs , keep reading these pages for further updates.


  1. Dear OM

    I am interested in KG-UV920R dual band Wouxun base. Whenever you plan to import it, pl inform me.


  2. I know a lot of people who would like a 144/220 base unit here in the USA.
    I have old radios on 220 and I would like two of them when they come on the market.
    Hal, N6TZ