Dec 31, 2009

Amateur Radio in India/Globe : A Look back at 2009 events / milestones

On behalf of all Chennai Amateur radio HAM enthusiasts we would like to express our most sincere wishes for a wonderful 2010 . A lucky sign for this New Year is that we can at last see some sunspots that indicate there will be an improvement in the propagation of HF bands . HAMS globally report that in many years there has never been such a lengthy absence of solar activity as in the last two years.
Let us all hope that as 2009 is coming to an end, 2010 will have much better things in store for all Amateur Radio lovers in India in terms of better legislation to ease rules which are choking the hobby , more people get knowledge/awareness to become HAMS, more public awareness campaigns to popularise the hobby etc.
We are trying to compile here some of good/positive things which happened with Amateur Radio/HAMS in the Indian context.

* Several websites/blogs launched in India by HAMS which especially helps in giving info to budding amateurs to access information easily and inturn keen for the survival and growth of the hobby.

* HAMFEST India 2009 held in Bangalore and was a gala event with very good participation.

* Several other events held across India.
As per info provided by VU2GMN , below is the feedback received by ARSI from WPC officially for several requests made by ARSI and issues raised over the past few years and followed up with relentless personal visits to interact with officials on several occasions.

1. WPC not able to do away with security clearance which is the biggest stumbling block to issue of new licenses. They say it is an inter-departmental issue on which they have no control . We will keep fighting to get it removed as it is illogical at this point of time
2. On line renewals of licenses is under consideration
3. On line examinations is also under consideration
4. Allocation of frequency within 50.00 to 50.20 MHz not possible at present as it has been allocated to Fixed, Mobile and Broadcasting services. We will continue trying for at least a couple of spot frequencies
5. 10100 to 10150 has been allocated to Amateur Services on a secondary basis
6. 7.1 to 7.2 exclusively allocated to amateur services as already informed
7. If any group wishes to conduct emergency communication drills, a formal fax request can be done and during that time third party traffic will be permitted which is normally not allowed
8. Removal of Morse Code for all classes of licenses- they have not committed as of now but was informed orally that it is under consideration
9. Mobile or portable operation will still require permission on case by case basis. Security issues quoted as reason
10. Validity of amateur licenses- under consideration for implementing the 10-year and lifetime licenses
11. Renewal of licenses by local monitoring stations under consideration
Let's hope & pray as part of the Global HAM Family that 2010 brings much more joy and happiness all Amateur Enthusiasts and their families to keep this unique & wondeful hobby flying to greater heights.
On Behalf of All Chennai HAMS
ChennaiHamsBlogspot Team


  1. Dear all,

    I was planning to get myself a HAM license. I located the Wi-Monitoring Staion in Chennai and approached them in person as well as through phone. They were not as helpful as I hope they would be.

    Info in the website are contradictory to what has been told in the Wi-Monitoring Staion.Exams will be conducted not on monthly basis in Chennai( as mentioned in various forums,BBs ).

    Could somebody (HAMs) please guide me about how to apply and obtain a license ?

  2. Dear friend,
    i am Prabhu and i approached the wpc chennai ,the ham section is on first floor mr Basker the engineer in charge will help you great,first thing you must get the ham section otherwise you will land up in no mans to the engineer and fix a date of examination with the sbi-dd and filled applications form,then go and write the exam on agreed date.i did the same on october-09 and recived the grade1 pass certificate and waiting for the other wishes to you and meet you soon on air