Jan 9, 2010

Innovation : How to built a "Go Box" portable amateur radio station

This page documents how Amercian HAM KR7RK built a "Go Box" portable amateur radio station. It's was his hope that this will give you some ideas to other HAMS across the world build your own Go Box.

His main objectives in this project were to put together a portable HF station. The plan was to use this station for fun (contesting, field day, vacation use, etc.), as well as have it available to support emergency services should the need arise.

Design goals included the following:

* It has to be "plug-and-play", meaning that basically the only things needed to get it operational would be to plug in an antenna and power source.
* It has to be functional on all HF bands and modes. VHF/UHF can be incorporated as necessary
* It has to have modern equipment including a sound card interface.

* It has to be compact, but also large enough to comfortably operate for extended periods of time.
* The equipment has to be easily accessible rather than bolted directly to the box.

For the full article on how this was built pls view http://www.kr7rk.com/gobox.htm

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