Jan 26, 2010

Chennai region's highest point VHF repeater at Swamimalai/Yelagiri Hills re-activated

The dedicated team of HAM's who made this happen, inspite of several odds. (L to R) VU2DPN(Deepan), VU2ABS(Aravind) , VU2DRK(Ramki), VU2PCP(Paneer) , VU2AKW(Ashok), Vu3DSN (Saro) , (not in this photo) Vu3VWR(Raghav), Vu2DH(Das), Vu3MOA (Mohan) & SWL(Manikandan-who brought the spectrum analyser).

Due to the untiring efforts & committment of a team of Chennai Hams , the third and highest point repeater in Chennai range has been re-activated at Swamimalai/Yelagiri Hills . Yelagiri is a hill-station on midway betweenChennai and Bangalore located at an altitude of 1,050 metres (3,500 ft).Distance : 258+ km from Chennai, 150 km from Bangalore.

The Duplexer which is india's first operational homebrew duplexer. The repeater also is homebrew.

Yelagiri Repeater Frequency : 145.475(-600)
Approximate Geographic GPS Coordinates :
Latitude : 12.572827 / Longitude : 78.649235

The tower MAST from a distance.

This repeater has been non operational for a longtime now due to various technical reasons, last week a dedicated team of HAMS made the visit and the tedious climb up the top of the hill and carried out basic repairs. It was tested fromChennai with good signal report usng beam as well as Omni directional antennas .

VU2ABS(Aravind),Vu2DH (Das),Vu3VWR(Raghav) & Vu3MOA(Mohan) with repeater room and tower base in backdrop.

In further weeks it needs to be tested to see how much range this repeater could cover, but this repeater should pave way for reliable amateur VHF link betweenChennai & Bangalore as well as all other towns and cities in South India within 150-200-250 Kms of the Yelagiri repeater.

Approx Coverage range of repeater within a 200 Kms radius, subject to line of sight clearance, equipment, antenna type/height etc.

The forest path leading to the top of Swamimalai.

VU2DH(Das) climb up the hill through the bushes, fitting his reputation as an expert fox hunter.

A team member climbing the tower.

Vu2ABS(Aravind) next to the repeater/duplexer cabinet.

With this Chennai has three VHF repeaters operational, the other two repeatersare 145.775(-600) & 145.675(-600). There is also a UHF repeater under test ,Tx-435.800/Rx-434.100.

All HAMS in South India are requested to try accessing this Yelagiri repeater and give you feedback.

Full set photo profile of the trips pls click links below.
Yelagiri Trip 24th Jan'10

Thanks and Regards

G.Vipin Shankar(SWL)
ChennaiHamsBlogspot Team


  1. dear Vipin,
    thanks for your kind info and my heartiest congrats for keeping alive ham radio with your writings,

  2. Thanks to All……….
    Who(VU2DPN(Deepan), VU2ABS(Aravind) , VU2DRK(Ramki), VU2PCP(Paneer) , VU2AKW(Ashok), Vu3VWR(Raghav), Vu2DH(Das), Vu3MOA (Mohan) & SWL(Manikandan-who brought the spectrum analyser) helped to Alive the Repeater……. And Test report given by VU3STJ(Ratha).Now the Repeater working fine. We Hope this will Join the Bangalore and Chennai Ham propels.

  3. Dear Vipin and other Ham friends,
    Could any body share the histroy of yelagiri repeater ,such as the great Persons who worked for Duplexer,Maintanance,Site selection?


  4. dear prabu,
    The site was first inspected by Vu2 DPN, Vu2 IGS, and Vu2 GMN in early 90's. with the help of 3 element vhf yagi abt 50 different vhf stations worked in an hour time. Again on 1992 we have contacted nearly 100 stations from the location and UHF contact to chennai also. From that time onwards it is a dream to have a repeater there. To obtain licence VU2 JTJ, Vu2 ZNS and few others made several visits to Tirupatur.Finally after receiving the licence the construction of Homebrew duplexer Vu2GHX, Vu2 AKW, VU3 VTK, VU2 IGS are fully involved to make it as a sucessful one. for tuning vu3 wib, vu3 mpk, vu2 sbb, vu2 kbx vu3 moa,vu2 drk helped a lot. finally the dream come true.

  5. Dear Anonymous friend,
    Thanks for your kind reply and the Chennai hams were blessed with people you have mentioned above who worked for the Yelagiri repeater.And iam very well know about instaling repeater as in Defence establishments crores of rupees were pumped for a repeater,but our hams had really done a commendable job and saved laks of rupees for the Nation.My sinciere thanks for you and wishing the Ham radio friends to move one step ahead from now as the technology is growing ..

  6. VU2MVR not found in QRZ.COM ?
    Radio VU3PTE- Rajan

  7. Can anyone tell me which is best and cheapest vhf pocket receiver available in bangalore bng.rkumar@gmail.com, please mail it to my id thank you

  8. Congratulations to the group and for its successful accomplishments. As an old member of MARS in the sixties I am very proud of you all. Thanks.73,