Jan 30, 2010

Chennai HAM's import 30 nos Dual Band Wouxun HT's!!!

WOUXUN KG-UVD1P fits into one's hand quite well and has an ergonomic design.

Few Chennai HAM's came together and did a bulk import of 30 nos dual band VHF/UHF WOUXUN KG-UVD1P HT's from China. This is expected to give a big boost to UHF activity in Chennai as there is already a UHF repeater which is active here. The whole exercise including planning, execution & logistics arrangements were executed by team VU2ABS(Aravind), Vu2DH(Das) & Vu2DPN(Deepan) .
The challenge was to negotiate with WOUXUN China directly for a good deal , liase with different users in Chennai to organise/pool the funds needed, remittance to overseas, airfreight arrangements for shipping from China to India(Chennai) , priority imports customs clearance and then final delivery to users as full set kits.
Photos of the full set delivered to users consisting of radio, external mike, car charger, desktop charger, DC adaptor, earphone handfree, pouch/sling, AA battery holder, antenna connectors, warranty card etc as taken after arrival at Chennai. The price worked out to approx INR 6,000(incld accessories/import customs duty) , which is quite a value for money.

The import box packed which arrived from HKG at Chennai Airport and was customs cleared.

PROs about this Handy as per user feedback :
Very low cost/high value for money , great receive audio , ok stock antenna , great battery , lot of free extras , programing software available , dual bands , nice display , feels good in your hand , very sturdy , built in flash light , regular 88.5mhz FM radio, voice prompts/VOX, sos feature built in, nice green receive LED, nice red transmit LED , ergonomic design, desktop charger, dual VHF/UHF display and Rx
CONs about this Handy as per user feedback :
Trasmit audio modulation could be better, No DTMF , not a true VFO , steep learning curve for programming , hard to understand manual unless to go through couple of times , not your standard antenna connector
The overall verdict from users is that for the price, it is worth every penny and affordable for new HAMS to start being on air!!!, there is plan to organise another batch of import , depending on demand.


  1. Hi,

    Chennai Hams,

    Next time pl consider my name also while importing the dual band handy.


  2. Great show. Am sure that this will go a long way in increasing the activity in Chennai.
    From my experience - as one of the first to buy this model - I endorse that it is worth every little paisa :) On the audio front, I am using it with the external speaker mic - and local reports are that the audio sounds better ont he Wouxon with the spkr mic than on the same spk mic connected to a KEnwood TH255A. :)
    I have been having gud fun using this as my UHF part for the satellite work and find that I copy almost all stations that the other here in bangalore hear.


  3. Wouxun KG-UVD-1P performance is excellent. On 14th night I have received Yercaud repeater and received QSO of VU2POP Bangalore and VU3YFD Prasad from Tirupur, T.n. State with 5-9 + 20 dB. I have repeated the qso to POP through my mobile phone to him. Last night ( 18-02-10) I have receved VU2YND om Murthy and VU2VMZ om Hari of Chennai with this little rig on the ground with its rubber ducky. then I ran to my qth and connected it to external antenna ( Slim jim at 60 ft high) and had long qso with them. Then this morning at 7:00 A.M i have worked Vijayawada station VU3VJY. you can conform this with YND and VMZ. I am yet do satilite communication and let U know all the results.

    TNX. 73. Dr.Rajasekhar. VU2HMY.Nellore.

  4. Chennai HAMS,
    Very glad to see the effort taken by you all in importing and bringing hams on the VHF&UHF BANDS. CONGRATS. Next time Iwould like to join U.Kindly intimate me on vu2knn@gmail.com for which I will be most oblidged. 73s
    DE Rajan vu2knn

  5. Im Somasunthar from Hyderabad
    pls let me Know next time of import

  6. i want to write the ham exam and obtain the license. pl help me and i am at tambaram.my
    email is tskrishnamoo@gmail.com please send me the lessons
    thank you

  7. Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.

  8. please let me know next time u plan to inport.

  9. i am also interested

    please let me know next time when u plan to import

    my email - shikhamoviesdelhi@yahoo.com


  10. Hi

    I am Manish from delhi, india

    my email - shikhamoviesdelhi@yahoo.com

    please tell me when you again planing to import


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