Dec 13, 2014

Update : Chennaihams Eyeball meet conducted on 13th Dec 2014

Thanks for all who made it and very nice meeting with active participation from all on how to increase HAM activity level in Chennai. 

MOM Chennai HAM's Eyeball had on 13/12/2014 @ Whannels Road , Egmore

19 HAMS attended the meeting which started at 1730 Hrs Ended 1900 hrs.

Following points were discussed. Purpose of this second informal meeting was basically to review action points from last meeting and further takeup fresh agendas to improve HAM activity in our city.

1.  VU3USI has successfully updated the Chennai based HAM contact database and of the 180+ email ID’s, 100 have been verified as active and correct. Further a Whatsapp group and a email ID has been created for the benefit of all . A new Yahoo Groups for ChennaiHams will also be created and all ID’s added onto it.

2.  HAM activities

  • .   25th Jan 2015 has been fixed as a day for Fox Hunt. 
  •     Deepan would be the Fox and would take further lead and advice details.

2.  CDV Vivek brief JOTA activities and really commendable effort on his part to be doing it continuously for so many years . For the next year JOTA announcement to be made atleast 1 month in advance and plan to cover atleast 10 schools with more participation from all Chennai Hams, etc.

3.   Frequency of such meeting to continue as bi-monthly – Every Second Saturday of the month and could be either a meeting alone or a meeting along with activity. Accordingly next meeting date is fixed for 25th Jan 2015 along with Fox Hunt . Venue will be the Fox location itself and is will be communicated a week before the meeting by email , VHF net and WhatsApp / SMS . A new email distribution has been created for further communication and all active email ID's will be added.

4.  It has been decided that Sunday VHF nets would special nets with additional activites like On the air quiz etc , net controllers USI & DPN to further work out on this and start from 21st Dec 2014 Sunday. 

5.  Support for New/existing hams to come on air by providing assistance like making cable, antenna, etc , core team who volunteered would be VU2PTR, VU2GMN & VU2ABS, VU2DPN, VU2DH . ABS to also work on another bulk equipment import basis demand.

6.  SIARS Pallikaranai team lead by Sinosh & team presented on the app available on as well as the class schedules being conducted now regularly . All chennai hams would closely support SIARS initiatives also wherever needed.

7.  Assistance and support for renewal of License from WPC or any such supports – Rajesh who is ARSI rep at Delhi would provide any assistance . VU2DH would take lead on local liason with WPC Chennai monitoring station.

8.  Repeater at Madhuranthakam – A team to visit Madhurantakam shortly to further take-up and conclude the project.

9.  All HAMS were requested to be a members of ARSI and send article and photos for publishing it in their e-bulletin/news letter.

10. HFI 2014 – Almost 25 HAMS from chennai attended the HFI Hyderabad and overall Tamilnadu had the largest participation.

11. VU2GHB OM Hari & ABS Arvind presented and gave a demo on on Software Defined Radio and its functionalities 

12. ARSI Hill Toping contest likely to happen in Jan 2015 although exact dates yet to be announced.

Following are the hams attended the meeting:

VU2DPN, VU2PTR, VU3MOA, VU2CDV, VU3USI, VU2SDU, VU2DH , VU2ABS, VU2AKW , VU3CBM , VU2GWH , VU3PKQ , VU3RGK , VU2GHB ,VU2TSF, VU2VAU, SWL Vipin (Awaiting License) , SWL Suresh , SWL clement(Awaiting License)

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