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These steps are to help people either apply for new License after their police verification is over and they receive a letter for sending DD or for those who want renew their existing License.

1. Follow the link for all the information/details related to Amateur and other services.

2. Open the link in 'Internet Explorer browser'. It is little fast.

3. Registering your self is NOT MANDATORY at, but it would help to follow/track your application, later.

4. In case your licence number is present in the on-line database please complete the on-line application and include the acknowledgement slip along with the application. If your licence number is not present please mention the same in the application.

5. Take a DD for Rs. 2000/- for 'Life Time' (up to the age of 80 years ONLY) or

6. Take a DD for Rs. 1000/- for 20 years.

7. Demand Draft of requisite amount towards fees (including late fine), drawn from any branch of SBI Only in favors of 'Pay and Account Officer (HQ), Department of Telecommunication' or 'PAO(HQ), DOT' payable at Service Branch, New Delhi (code-7687). Or MICR CP CENTRE (Code 4328) [Please write your License No./Call-sign/Name/Case No etc. on overleaf of DD] (Reports are there Service Branch (Code-7687) is closed now, some of our friends send the DD payable at MICR CP Centre (Code – 4328 and got the license renewed.)

8. Life time renewal would be beneficial, particularly for the youngsters.

9. Add 'Late Fee' along with the renewal fee, if you are sending after expiry date (Applicable Late fee is Rs.100/- per every Half year or Part thereof)

10. Send in the duly filed in application form along with a 
(a) Xerox copy of your license, (No need to send your Original License)

(b) Date of Birth certificate duly attested by a gazetted officer.

(c) A covering letter requesting for the type of renewal required. 

(d) Please enclose ONE self addressed, un-stamped envelop of 23cm x 15 cm size for the 
Renewal of Amateur License, where it is required to be posted and/or enclose ONE self addressed, un-stamped envelop of 24cm x 11 cm size for all other kind of correspondence.
(Total 2 envelopes)

(e) DD as per point No. 5 or 6 towards renewal fee including late fee, if any.

11. If the renewal application is delayed more than TWO years later after expiry of license; please attach the justification of delay.

12. Write your Name, call-sign and the license number at the back of the DD and other Documents attached with the application.

13. Please write your complete recent address {Including Town, City, State and PIN and Contact No.(if any)} of correspondence on top of the letter for fast disposal of the cases.

14. Retain a photocopy of the application and documents sent by you as proof or for follow-up in case of any problem and future reference.

15. Send your application by 'Speed Post' ONLY.

16. Check the status of your application after a couple of weeks by logging on to their web site in case you have applied online successfully. En-cashment of DD indicates the process of renewal is 'ON' or in progress. May be, a phone call to WPC with your License Number would help, if undue delay is experienced.

17. Keep Logbook ready if called for. (Minimum 40 contacts per year are mandatory).

18. Normally one may have to wait atleast 2-4 months to get it cleared.

WPC address and the contact Details:
The Asst. Wireless Advisor,
Govt. of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
DOT, WPC Wing, (Amateur Section) COP section
Room No: 619, 6th Floor, Sanchar Bhawan
20, Ashoka Road, New Delhi – 110 001.

Contact No.
011-2303 6181
011-2303 6539 *
011-2337 2081
011-2335 5441
FAX No. 011-2371 6111



Full address Including Town, City, State and PIN and Contact No.(if any)



The Assistant Wireless Adviser to
Government of India,
Ministry of Communication and Information Technology,
WPC Wing, Amateur Cell,
616, 6th Floor, Sanchar Bhavan,
20, Ashoka Road,
NEW DELHI -110001.

Sub: Renewal of the amateur Licence No. ________ Call sign ______ expired on __________for 20 Years/Life Time.


I am herewith enclosing the following for renewal of my amateur license:

1. As per the new guidelines, I have searched the WPC website but my Licence No. is not present in the online database and hence I was unable to attach the On line application Acknowledgement slip. /my license No. is present in the online data base and I have registered successfully and attaching the online application acknowledgement. (Strike out whichever is not applicable.)

2. DD for Rs _______/- No. _______________dated___________ drawn from SBI in favour of 
“PAY AND ACCOUNTS OFFICER (HQ), Department of Telecommunications” / 
“PAO (HQ), DOT” payable at _______________________________________.

2. A xerox copy of the licence duly attested.

3. Two self addressed, un-stamped envelopes for correspondence.

4. Date of Birth Certificate duly attested.

I do hereby declare that I have made the requisite contacts per year and request your 
Good self to renew my licence for Life Time / Twenty years and oblige. (Strike out whichever is not applicable.)

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

{Signature of the licence holder}

Note: You should maintain the Log book for the authorities to verify the above declaration.

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