Aug 16, 2009

Ham Radio demo at the Regional level CBSE Science exibition at Chennai

An Hamradio demo was conducted at the regional level CBSE Science exibition held at Chennai recently . In the 10th standard CBSE syllabus on the social studies, under the disaster management heading there is chapter on how Amateur Radio is helpful during the natural clalamities globally as well as in India . Based on this The Devi Academy School in valasaravakkam has taken a keen interest to put up a demo station at the Regional level CBSE science Exibition held on Auguest 10th & 11th 2009 at The Hindu Seniorsecondary school in Indira Nagar, Chennai. OM Shanmugam VU2 CSM took care of setting up the station and explained to the visitors/students about the importance of the Amateur radio during disaster situations .

The response from the CBSE Schools and especially students/visitors was overwhelming . We thank the principal and the staff of The Devi Academy School , VU2CSM and an SWL WB Sivaraj who is an old student of The Hindu Senior Secondary School who had arranged the battery backup at the Venue. Hope more students taken up this as an active hobby and thus ensuring HAM Radio continues to grow as an ever exciting hobby of keeping you voice on air.

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  1. Greetings and All the Best wishes to Chennai Ham Radio. Thank you it is wonderful service to the new commer 73s This is VU2VIZ