Jan 24, 2016

31st Jan 2016 Chennai Marathon HAM Support Deployment Plan Version 1

Tentative Deployment Plan : 24/01/16

* All deployment along with NGO Alert First responders team 
* Race starts on 31st Jan Sunday at 4:00am & tentative ends between 10:00am to 11:00am 
* For full race 42 kms , starting point & at ending point near Madhya Kailash MRTS 
* All HAM stations/operators including mobile / static to be ready by 3:30am 
* We will be hopefully having reflective jackets + Ponchos identifying us as "HAM Radio Operator - Emergency Communications" apart from some ID from Alert / Organizers 
* Also trying for caps , but still not firmed up due to min 100 numbers printing order quantity 
* 3 Base Stations in total on Table setup with power supply enroute 
* One Base of this is at Organisers desk at Madhya Kailas MRTS will also be the Main HAM Control Room 
* 12 Mobile stations which are also static although primarily with Handie + Base with battery if possible as backup 
* Some mobile stations have only one HAM operator so far and some no one fixed yet , so we need more volunteers 
* 1 HAM with lead car with Mobile base on car battery + Handie (VU2BOA confirmed)
* 2 HAMS's with 2 Ambulances as static 

* 2 HAMS to operate from QTH as Repeater / Relay support whenever needed 


Any other corrections / feedback / suggestions / comments are most welcome. Look forward active participation from all to make this a success for all Chennai HAMS

Chennai Marathon HAM Support Team 

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