Sep 30, 2013

Monthly September 2013 meeting of MARS organised!!!!!

The monthly meeting of MARS was held in the conference hall of AASI, Mount Road on the 28th of September. The meeting was presided by OM Balu-VU3CBM. Field Day was proposed to be held on 6th,7th and 8th
of December in Yelagiri Hills.

Since sufficient time to plan has been given, good number of members is expected to participate. A mini (Fun) FOX Hunt will be conducted during the Field day. The regular Fox hunt will be conducted in the month of February.

Prizes were distributed for the August Check-In 2012. Also prizes for the August Check-In Contest – 2013, conducted by the VHF group of Chennai, Was given by MARS. 

Photos taken during the meeting can be seen at the following link MARS MEETING 28th September 2013


VU2VAU Srini / ChennaiHamsBlogspot Team

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