Mar 6, 2010

HAM Radio Demo & Presentation at "Trek Polama" event

“Trek Polama” event conducted by Chennai Trekkers Club proved to be a wonderful success . VU2ABS who is also an active HAM presented a special session to a packed audience on HAM Radio & its use in Emergency communications . Union Minister of State Mr.Napolean , who is also an avid photographer graced the occasion and interacted with all and was quite interested in CTC activities including HAM Radio communications.
VU2ABS Arvind giving the presentation with a small live radio shack on display in background.

A "Garmin" GPS on display

The aim was to increase awareness of trekking in the local community, a healthier and more adventurous lifestyle, bring people closer to nature to build more environmental awareness and get more people infected by the CTC spirit.
Almost 1000+ CTC members and general public participated in the event which started at 2:00 pm with various sessions related to trekking, GPS & Navigation, mountaineering, wildlife, butterflies, snakes and offcourse HAM Radio & Emergency communication.

The presentation session by VU2ABS was quite interesting with both technically as well info of general nature on the benefits of HAM Radio to the trekking community . Presentation also included few video clips CTC members greatly appreciated the value of HAM Radio as most of the forest / hills and remote forest locations they trek do not have cell phone coverage and hence HAM Radio would be a great communication tool.
The mini shack with Wouxun handy
& Yaesu FT All Band base station + antennas

Many of them have expressed interest to take up the ASOC exams to become licensed HAMS and endeavour is to ensure that by year end atleast 100+ ctc members should be becoming licensed HAMS so that there are more people on the band in chennai to share of the passion of this unique hobby.

One of the presentation slides.

CTC Member , VU2ABS + Harmonic & VU3VWR with a HAM banner in the background

Today the most important step to be taken by HAM’s is to ensure that in the face of stiff competition from other modes of communication like Cellphones/e-mail etc as well as people having various options for a hobby, how do we attract more youngsters to become HAMS and continue this passion to years to come. CTC like platforms could be the ideal lauchpads to catapult HAM hobby to next level.

For full photo album pls click here.
Congrats to VU2ABS Aravind for his initiative in this direction and we hope more such public awareness events to attract younsters on the joy of HAM Radio are conducted in Chennai in the near future.


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    check it and let me know, what you think about it.
    Ishika Mahajan
    Sales Manager

  2. My hearty Congrats to VU2ABS Aravind and his team for building good public image /awareness. Also I congrats Chennai Hams blog activities..

  3. can any one tell if we can use VHF / UHF radio in public / while travelling

  4. Many Many Congratulations to VU2ABS Aravind and his team for wonderful HAM Radio Demo & Presentation at "Trek Polama" event.

    I have observed that every efforts of Aravind are dedicated to Ham Radio Hobby with latest technology involvement.

    Certainly we need to create mass awareness for ham radio in every part of India, and Aravinda is doing his best. We are also trying to aware & promote ham hobby in our region.

    Keep it up Aravind & team


    Rajesh P. Vagadia
    Rajkot – (Gujarat)