Feb 17, 2010

Tribute to VU2 RF "Ranga"

That familiar old but steady voice on Chennai VHF net daily "Vu2 Romeo Foxtrot" has become silent key & would'nt be heard anymore . Vu2RF handle "Ranga" passed away today morning in Chennai after a brief hospitalization . Ranga was among the seniormost HAM's in CHENNAI and used to attend all HAM related meetings in and around the city inspite of his old age .
He always has cheerful advice for the younger lot. As per old timers a very sincere and kind radio amateur who was always willing to help anyone, Ranga got his ticket in 1972 and has been a HAM for past 30+ years. He was initially in Calcutta and later moved to Chennai and settled out. He was active on HF/VHF and was a very good homebrewer and has contributed many test equipments to the hobby.

The last HAM meet he attended in Chennai was the MARS(Madras Amateur Radio Society) monthly meeting held on Jan 26th 2010. All Chennai HAMS salute this great HAM and his contributions to the hobby, we are sure he would be remembered always as a nice person we knew and who chrished being a HAM.


  1. we all will miss Romeo Foxtrot's commanding voice cheking into the vhf nets in the morning and night everyday. another senior ham bids us bye, may his soul rest in peace and almighy god takes care of his family.


  2. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

    Timers chennai

  3. I knew Ranga from Calcutta around 1960! I was a 16 year old living only a few blocks away, and when I was twiddling around with my Crystal Radio that I had built, I listened in on his conversation with 4S7YL and another ham (can't recall his call sign). During one of his dialogues, he mentioned his street address (corner of Sarat Banerji Rd. and Lansdowne?) , and I went and visited him. He was extremely surprised that a Calcutta kid had picked up his signal! Amateur Radio was relatively unknown back then - he was a Pioneer and gave me a great deal of encouragement.